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Need for Alone Time.

So the assignment was to take a phrase and google it and then copy sentences from the web to compose our poem.  I did not write a single line, but I did arrange them.  Enjoy.

Need for Alone Time

We always look at Alone Time as bad. Alone time scares many a confident person. Whether you’re an introvert or not, finding some alone time during college can be hard. In a world full of distractions, it can be hard to have alone time. Here’s why you should always have alone time and how to fit it in. The steps to successfully taking alone time in a relationship are as follows: Mommy needs some alone time. Accurate Alone Time. Alone time with pets can help seniors. 38.583336% like (or talk positively about) alone-time. Me: I can’t wait to have our alone time tomorrow night! I am currently sitting in a coffee house, writing and relishing my alone time she also treasures her solo workouts, as they provide much-needed (the crowd around me is supremely irrelevant!).alone time. As busy as she is, she still finds alone time, which is really necessary for the sanity of any parent. Ready to give the dog/cat some alone time. Getting “Alone Time” with God. I would say about 70% of those in the hallways, rest areas (sofas/chairs), outside, and in any public space are enjoying (or not) alone time. negative alone time IS possible. Any ideas what is acceptable alone time? What do you do in your alone time? If you have problems listening to Alone Time. What’s up with everyone wanting to spend all this alone time? Don’t Interrupt My Alone Time. Of course I ruined half of my alone time because I kept looking out the window, waiting for my glorious moment to come to a screeching halt. I think Wine Guy has been mistaking my need for “alone time” as a need for “time away from him time.” She said damit what don’t u understand about alone time. alone time not fun.


Good Mourning (Overcoming Psychosis)

Translation of Icelandic Words.
Ófreskja : Monster
Óveður : Bad Weather
Gróa : To Heal
þola : suffer(ing)
Kvöl : Pain

Good Mourning (Overcoming Psychosis)

Rope. Love couldn’t loose those mouths. John loved someone though John wouldn’t communicate. John dove off stools. Rope.

Boo. Ghosts hover over Chloe. Chloe looked below. Vision not obstructed. Below ghosts come together. Chloe soon joins. Boo.

Good mourning to you. You mourn not for John nor Chloe; you mourn for love. For love hopes for people who lost hope. Good mourning to you.

Mirrors. John, now gone, knows you. Look upon mirrors. Look upon yourself. Don’t lose hope. Love someone. Love yourself. Mirrors.

Mother. “No, no, not now, nobody should…” mother’s moan. Mother’s mourn. Visions overtake you. John, Chloe, recollect. Don’t. Mother.

Ófreskja. Monsters fought for months. Your thoughts destroy monsters. Monsters fought you. Your thoughts lose. Ófreskja.

Óveður. Powerful storms tonight. Gloomy. Overcast. Fjords overflowing. Monsoons. Floods, no anchors on house. Fog obscuring observations. Óveður.

Bomb. Explosions shook your reason. Ignore. Morph sensorium to ignore bombs. Bomb.

Gróa. You hope for love. Love won’t abandon you. God won’t abandon you. Forward progression. Look for inspiration. Gróa.

Tomorrow. Force yourself to go tomorrow. Go. John should of gone. Chloe should of gone. Now you go. Good rehabilitation. Tomorrow.

Joyous. Rehabilitation working. Progression mode. Symptoms translation: bipolar. Antipsychotics. Clozapine. Olanzapine. Joyous.

Won’t. Medication won’t work. You won’t go tomorrow. You won’t work. Who told you to not go? Voices voices. Won’t.

Comfort. Impulsion good. Hope more powerful. Loved so you could hope. John loved Chloe. Look for love. Comfort.

God. God loves most. God convalesces. Omnipotent power convalesces þola. Kvöl gone. Þola gone. Love. Hope. No more mourning, not for John nor Chloe. Not for you. God.

Lawn Mowing

I would walk in the heat of the noon-day sun, fatigued from staying up too late. Sweat would drip down, as I pushed the mower in straight rows, slowing getting closer to the house. I would stop to push down sprinkler heads and pick up sticks; or when the bag would be too full and I would have to carry the sweet smell of freshly cut grass to the other end of the yard, where I would dump it on the pile of compost, on top of the ants and flies buzzing around. I would proceed to run back to the lawn mower after noticing a black and yellow hornet. All the while, the sounds of the mower would be drowned out by the music blasting from my headphones. The headphones, which lay on top of the ears instead of modernly inside them, were connected to a Sony Walkman CD player, inside of which a mix CD of illegally downloaded music would spin at incredible speeds. The hard rock sounds of Disturbed or Linkin Park would blare teenage angst at me, resembling the immaturity of my youth. I would sing along, my voice becoming deeper as the weeks went by. Then, when it was all done, I would look at my completed work, and feel a twinge of pride for finishing what I had set out to do. I would promptly collect my $20 and proceed to call my dad from the client’s home phone and ask him to pick me up.

The Res/The woods creep towards me

First, surrounded by the industrial highway, you turn left into a small side street. Second, you enter into the woods, with dirt trails, sometimes muddy, and campfire rings, sometimes full of ash. Third, you walk over the creek on a bridge you repaired two years ago when a tree got struck by lighting and feel towards it, crushing the left handrail. Forth, you notice a small cabin, filled with bunks, and you remember playing cards on the light wooden tables. Fifth, you walk up the small steps and behold a large meadow, surround by trees, perfect for playing Frisbee and football and even fox and hound. Sixth, you walk to the small gazebo, where you imagine proposing to the one girl you will spend the rest of your life with. Seventh, across from the gazebo for see a circle of tables, which make for the perfect hiding spot. Eighth, you follow the creek in a large circle and make your way back to the bridge. Ninth, you walk towards the cars, this time, no backpacks or sleeping bags, just your nostalgia, which seems to weigh more.

Customer Service Tips

“Welcome to Wal~Mart!” Welcome to hell. “Hi, how are you today?” Yes, I’m paid to say this. “I’m doing great, thank you.” Kill me know. “Can I help you find anything?” I’m trying to waste time, please assist me in this. “I’m not sure, let me see if I can find someone else to help you.” Let’s see how much time I can spend looking for someone else. “Attention all associates, attention all associates, customer needs assistance in produce, customer needs assistance in produce, thank you.” Another stupid customer can’t find something, someone needs to get over there. “Strawberries are at the end of this wall.” Are you blind? “They’re two for three dollars.” Which is exactly what the sign says, idiot. “Excuse me, ma’am, but please do not eat the fruit before you pay for it.” Seriously, did you think I wouldn’t notice? “These are red plums, those are black plums.” This really isn’t that confusing. “Thank you for letting me know, I will alert my supervisor.” Jerk. “I see what you mean, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that, sorry.” Do I look like I care? “Oh, yes, this is rotten, thank you for letting me know.” Thank you for yelling at me. “No, I’m sorry, we’re all out of that.” Tough luck, deal with it. “Well, actually the reason are prices are so low is not because the product is bad, but because we have so much of it.” But seriously, you are at Wal~Mart, what did you expect? “Well the reason prices have gone up is because we are low on that product.” It’s simple supply and demand economics. “You’re welcome.” Go away. “Please don’t touch that, thank you.” I hate kids. “What a cute child.” Now make it shut up. “Excuse me, young man, please don’t throw the nectarines.” Or I will beat you. “Oh no, it’s all-right sir.” Get your stupid kids under control. “No, our corn is not from China.” We live in the Midwest, the best place in the world to grow corn, the highest corn producing area, why would we ship corn from China? Moron. “I’ll get right on that.” Leave me alone. “I’m sorry, but I only work in produce.” Not my area, not my problem. “I’m really sorry ma’am, but there’s nothing I can do.” Well, nothing I’m willing to do. “I will let my supervisor know we are out of that.” I won’t. “The milk is in at the very back of the store.” Just like in every single other Wal~Mart in the world. “Have a nice day.” Then, at least one of us will.


I can’t sleep anymore.
Dreams corrupt me,
And rouse me from slumber,
Preventing me from enjoying my rest.
Fighting inner demons,
I quickly lose the battle,
And awake, out of breath,
Sweat dripping off of my brow.

The nightwatchman has the week off,
Leaving me alone,
In my bed,
Rolling from one side,
To the next,
Constantly at war,
Inside this broken mind,
Trying to finally find peace.

Consolations After the Broken Stages of a Relationship

Sorry guys, don’t know what happened there with the HTML code, but I think it’s fixed now.

This is what we did in my English class today. It’s called scaffolding, I’ll explain later.

Consolations After the Broken Stages of a Relationship.

(After James Tate’s “Consolations After an Affair”)

My friend is whispering to herself:
She is fighting an powerful pressure
that is constantly telling her to submit to desire.
She has O’Keefe paintings on her walls
that think they are just flowers.
They fail to realize the hidden meanings behind their petals.
For them a dandelion blooming in spring
is just a pretty pill designed to battle depression.
I’ve discovered that I don’t need
a person to love, but to love myself.
The fox mates for life outside my hidden world
like the desperate rain rushing towards the cold ground.
And I can feel her inner self dying
as we touch alone in her room.