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Our Life in 5 Year Increments

In 1 year,
We will be living
In our apartment,
Loving each other,
Every night,
Covering our bodies
With kisses.

In 5 years time,
Your breasts hang heavy
With milk for our little boy.
Theodore has your eyes,
And my smile,
He rarely cries,
rather, he laughs for hours.

In 10 years time,
Theo is celebrating his 5th birthday,
We got him a cake,
Shaped like Brother Bear, from the Bernstein Bears,
His favorite books.
We read them to him every night,
Before singing him to sleep.

In 15 years time,
Theo, now 10, is a hellion.
But we love him the same,
Learning to laugh at his active imagination,
“He gets that from his father,” you tell friends.
We still love each other,
Finding creative ways to show it.

In 20 years time,
Theo is doing very well in school,
I stay up late helping him
With his math and writing assignments,
While you teach him about the fine art of doodling.
Last night, we laughed ourselves to sleep,
The same way we have for the past 20 years.

In 25 years time,
Theo has moved out,
Gone to an Ivy League School,
Which gives us plenty of time to rediscover,
Exactly why we love each other so much,
We watch game-shows all day,
And passionately kiss during commercial breaks.

To Be Continued…


The Aquarium

Underneath the tunnel
In the aquarium,
We look upward,
And see all sorts,
Of aquatic creatures.

The rest of our tour,
Moves farther down the hall,
But we stay behind,
Still held captive

By the beauty
Before our eyes.
You reach over,
And grab my hand.

A nurse-shark looms overhead,
I hold you,
To keep your body
From becoming terrified.

But then the jellyfish
Swim past us,
Dazzling us with colors,
We had never seen before.

I watch the colors
Reflect off of your eyes,
And you pretend to not notice,
Me staring at you.

A Starter Home in Rural Indiana

I remember the day,
When we drank milkshakes
out on the lawn.

The sun was celestially
shining through
the opaque clouds.

I looked over
at your tan skin
and felt your soul.

It was soft,
like the down pillow
we rested our heads on

late the night before,
after a day of painting –
I slept in your arms.

We painted the entryway
a bold red
and got paint in our hair.

You reach over
and draw a heart
on my forehead.