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Jeffrey is anointed by God

3 is the Holy Trinity,
The number of wise men,
Who visited Christ.

Christ, who died
When he was 33,
Died for everyone.

He died for all men,
Even the sinners,
Who never believed.

* * *

Jeffrey is currently committed

pop one,
pop another, breathe in, breathe out,
then stop.

slouched over
in my chair, I’m falling asleep at the wheel,

and yellow lines,
become small suggestions, and I lean a little
to the left.

I just don’t
understand you, she said as she stormed out the room,
her eyes

dark and swollen,
as she begins to cry, exclamation: I just don’t know why

* * *

Jeffrey is afraid of love and feelings and romance

Your skin tastes like honey,
Your eyes look,
Like milk.

When the storms rage on,
Inside the darkness
Of the mind,

And I am fixed with fear,
You bring
Sweet softness,

And erase the madness,
And when
I am lost,

Searching inside for strength,
You are
The light,

That shines throughout me.
When I
Have fallen,

And lay in despair
On the

You reach out to me, and hand me
Hope and charity,
I shall not forget,

I shall not forget,
The things
you have

done for me, The beauty
you have

And the love you have expressed.
Thank you,
my friend,

I will forever
be in your

But I can change,
Who I,

I’ve always been the liar,
The cheat,
The criminal.

I promise, when this is all over,
I will stop,
For you.

You’re my way out,
Of this

When the job is done,
I will retire,
For you.

I will repay you for everything,
You have done
For me.

I will love you every day
And every night,
For eternity.

But alas, I must finish.
One more.
One more.

* * *

Jeffrey is wanted in Parma on a burglary charge

The rush,
Of power,
When you pull the trigger – shooting into the air.

The rush,
Of wind,
As you drive away in a stolen Corvette.

The rush,
Of adrenaline
As you hear the sirens far away.

The rush,
Of stealing,
From a church, that should have locked their doors.

The rush,
Of fear,
When you see the spiked strip in front of you.

The rush,
Of sounds,
As you swerve out of the way and hit a tree.

The rush,
Of shots,
Fired into your stomach.

The rush,
Of air,
As it leaves your diaphragm.

The rush,
Of weight,
As you hit the ground.

The delay,
Of time,
As darkness forms around the eyes.

The delay,
Of sirens,
As the ambulance finally arrives later.

The delay,
Of heartbeats,
As they try to save Jeffrey.

* * *

Jeffrey is unconscious

She sang to me –
So quietly,
As I slept through the ages.

I awoke to
Find her sitting
Still, without movement, frozen.

* * *

Jeffrey is more than his paralysis

A lover-less bed,
Is a book,
With blank pages.

Nothing to read,
To gain,
Just an emptiness

The world revolves,
As it rotates,
Around a dying fire,

Like the fire on the day
We camped,
During the cold November.

Like the day we cried,
Over the loss
Of my father’s father

I remember the days,
When we,
Played games in the back yard

I remember the first time,
We lit up,
Starting down our painful path.

I loved the way you looked,
When you
Asked me to stay that night.

I wish I would have never stole,
So I,
Wouldn’t have ever been without you.

A lover-less bed,
Is a book,
With blank pages.

Full of possibilities,
For you,
To write your soul.

Jeffrey is more than his paralysis,
But sadly,
Still paralyzed from the heart in.

* * *

Jeffrey is tantalized

After nights of beautiful legs and various positions of forgetting, Jeffrey cried. He cried one tear for each moment he was without her. All he wanted was to feel her in his arms, but he can’t. His heart continued to beat, but his mind was slowing down. Jeffrey was a race-horse, with a broken ankle, just waiting for something to put him out of his misery. For something to pull the metal trigger, causing the pin to spark something deep inside of him (or soon to be.) He began to drink…heavily. Now a broken drunkard, he cries daily for his lost love. “So thirsty,” he thinks, “So hungry,” he moans, all the while, in the shadow of the rock looming over him.


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