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Sæglópur’s First Voyage

There was something about the way
He pounded nails into the planks
On the side of the ship.
This time was different than before;
For this time,
He wasn’t building
A ship for them,
But for himself.

Sæglópur finished his ship,
Christened it “Nýr Dagur”
And broke the bottle of wine.
He was finally ready
To depart this great land,
His homeland,
To find a new one
For himself.

Even if I fail,
He thought,
This is better than staying.
Because I can’t stay here forever,
And live the tragedy of George Gray,
I must push off.
For I already am a lost seafarer,
Looking for a home.

As he pushed off the shore,
Staring into the mist,
Praying down the list,
He had a phantasmagoria,
And felt utter euphoria,
He knew this was right,
He could see into the light,
And he felt better than before.


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