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Good Mourning (Overcoming Psychosis)

Translation of Icelandic Words.
Ófreskja : Monster
Óveður : Bad Weather
Gróa : To Heal
þola : suffer(ing)
Kvöl : Pain

Good Mourning (Overcoming Psychosis)

Rope. Love couldn’t loose those mouths. John loved someone though John wouldn’t communicate. John dove off stools. Rope.

Boo. Ghosts hover over Chloe. Chloe looked below. Vision not obstructed. Below ghosts come together. Chloe soon joins. Boo.

Good mourning to you. You mourn not for John nor Chloe; you mourn for love. For love hopes for people who lost hope. Good mourning to you.

Mirrors. John, now gone, knows you. Look upon mirrors. Look upon yourself. Don’t lose hope. Love someone. Love yourself. Mirrors.

Mother. “No, no, not now, nobody should…” mother’s moan. Mother’s mourn. Visions overtake you. John, Chloe, recollect. Don’t. Mother.

Ófreskja. Monsters fought for months. Your thoughts destroy monsters. Monsters fought you. Your thoughts lose. Ófreskja.

Óveður. Powerful storms tonight. Gloomy. Overcast. Fjords overflowing. Monsoons. Floods, no anchors on house. Fog obscuring observations. Óveður.

Bomb. Explosions shook your reason. Ignore. Morph sensorium to ignore bombs. Bomb.

Gróa. You hope for love. Love won’t abandon you. God won’t abandon you. Forward progression. Look for inspiration. Gróa.

Tomorrow. Force yourself to go tomorrow. Go. John should of gone. Chloe should of gone. Now you go. Good rehabilitation. Tomorrow.

Joyous. Rehabilitation working. Progression mode. Symptoms translation: bipolar. Antipsychotics. Clozapine. Olanzapine. Joyous.

Won’t. Medication won’t work. You won’t go tomorrow. You won’t work. Who told you to not go? Voices voices. Won’t.

Comfort. Impulsion good. Hope more powerful. Loved so you could hope. John loved Chloe. Look for love. Comfort.

God. God loves most. God convalesces. Omnipotent power convalesces þola. Kvöl gone. Þola gone. Love. Hope. No more mourning, not for John nor Chloe. Not for you. God.


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