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The Res/The woods creep towards me

First, surrounded by the industrial highway, you turn left into a small side street. Second, you enter into the woods, with dirt trails, sometimes muddy, and campfire rings, sometimes full of ash. Third, you walk over the creek on a bridge you repaired two years ago when a tree got struck by lighting and feel towards it, crushing the left handrail. Forth, you notice a small cabin, filled with bunks, and you remember playing cards on the light wooden tables. Fifth, you walk up the small steps and behold a large meadow, surround by trees, perfect for playing Frisbee and football and even fox and hound. Sixth, you walk to the small gazebo, where you imagine proposing to the one girl you will spend the rest of your life with. Seventh, across from the gazebo for see a circle of tables, which make for the perfect hiding spot. Eighth, you follow the creek in a large circle and make your way back to the bridge. Ninth, you walk towards the cars, this time, no backpacks or sleeping bags, just your nostalgia, which seems to weigh more.


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