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Consolations After the Broken Stages of a Relationship

Sorry guys, don’t know what happened there with the HTML code, but I think it’s fixed now.

This is what we did in my English class today. It’s called scaffolding, I’ll explain later.

Consolations After the Broken Stages of a Relationship.

(After James Tate’s “Consolations After an Affair”)

My friend is whispering to herself:
She is fighting an powerful pressure
that is constantly telling her to submit to desire.
She has O’Keefe paintings on her walls
that think they are just flowers.
They fail to realize the hidden meanings behind their petals.
For them a dandelion blooming in spring
is just a pretty pill designed to battle depression.
I’ve discovered that I don’t need
a person to love, but to love myself.
The fox mates for life outside my hidden world
like the desperate rain rushing towards the cold ground.
And I can feel her inner self dying
as we touch alone in her room.


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