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The Saving of Saeglopur

Darkness forms around my eyes,
As the water filled my lungs,
And then everything went black.
But a light shown through the darkness,
And through the waters,
To find a broken ship,
And a broken man,
Sinking in to the bottom.
Quickly a diver dove,
Racing to the bottom.

The world is blurry.
But slowly becomes more clear,
Until I see everything even better than before,
And I see my saviors surrounding me.

A few days later,
And I set foot on land again,
And I set off to build a new boat,
No, I think, not a new boat,
Better rebuild the old boat,
Which has served me so well.

Months later,
I unfurl my sails,
And set off on a new journey.
But this time,
I’m not alone.


One Response

  1. Each new girl brings a new savior, a new forgiver, a new heroine. Which leads me to question if the reason you hold them so high is because you are searching to forgive you?

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