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Saeglopur’s Last Voyage

The waves crash against the side of the ship,
Tossing me out of my bed onto the floor.
I think I broke a bone.
Arising from the ground,
I walk to the deck.
The storms rage on,
And I thrown about,
Helpless to save my ship.
I am a lost seafarer,
Alone on my boat,
And the storms rage on,
Throwing me about,
Until a bolt of lightning strikes the mast,
Causing the burning cross to destroy the deck.
Now I know what has happened.
I secretly knew when I set out on this journey,
It would be my last,
I just didn’t know it would end like this.
The water rises,
As the boat sinks,
And the last thing I see,
Before the water fills my lungs,
Is the figurehead,
A lady of incomparable beauty,
Sink to the bottom.


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