The Struggle

I bask in the warmth of the sun,
Enjoying the peaceful serenity I get from it’s light,
The beauty of the world around me is clear.

But then the sun goes down,
And I am left in the darkness,
Searching for a source of light.

“Oh Sun! Where are you now?
Why have you left me here all alone,
Admist the cold, dark, night?”

I run through the darkness, searching for light,
And I collapse to the ground over a jagged root,
And weep from the pain I feel,

After being left in the darkness for hours,
I begin to lose hope,
Hope that the sun will ever return.

But then He comes again,
Rising from the ground,
To shine His light all over the land.

I weep again, but tears of joy,
My delusions of Him never returning were truly false,
And I am at peace again.


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