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A Short List of Things My Father Loves

My Father loves to grab my knee and shake it violently when he finds something funny.

My Father loves to watch television. Not a lot, but he does on occasion to relax after work. He often stops at the bizarre, watching things that we advise him to avoid. But he doesn’t always listen and will often find himself in a state of confusion. He likes to figure out what’s going on in the show, but a lot of the times you have to see the show from the beginning to the end to understand the middle. My father would disagree.

My Father loves to build things, but quality is not always insured.

My Father loves to learn the locations of places. He knows the whereabouts of nearly every city in nearly every state.

My Father loves to do everything to the best of his abilities. He works for Trinity Health Corporation and often brings his work home to make sure it gets done, and gets done right. He is the first counselor in the Bishopric. He knows almost every member of the ward, and they all know to avoid him. He’s the hardest working man I’ve ever met.

My Father loves steak, tator-tots, diet squirt, and action films. I do too.

My Father loves to listen to languages he’s never spoken. He can normally follow the conversation; even if it’s in Albanian.

My Father loves science-fiction, spy novels, and crime-thrillers.

My Father loves little children because they don’t get mad when he bosses them around.

My Father loves to call youth by the wrong name and/or a unique nickname.

My Father loves the words: “What?” “No!” and [inaudible sigh]

My Father loves to snore; loudly; very loudly.

My Father loves the Moody Blues, Elton John, Abba, and sometimes Motown, even though he can never find the beat.

My Father loves his faith. He has a strong testimony and spirit. He felt it was important to teach his sons the scriptures; even when they didn’t always think it was important.

My Father loves his wife. He has always treated her well and always will. He has shown me how to respect women and has often told me to be more considerate, not of him, but of my mother.

My Father loves his sons, even when they hurt him, or live far away, or beat him in golf.

My Father loves me, and I love him. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.


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