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Mind’s Design v.I-V

Laying awake in my bed,
I desire for sleep.
But my mind is not finished for the day,
He still has many things to work out,
Still many puzzles to solve,
Puzzles he designed,
Like twisting a Rubik’s cube,
Until you don’t remember,
The way it was at the beginning,
And spend the next few months,
Putting things back the way they were.

My mind’s design,
Has a fatal flaw,
He is determined to destroy,
Everything he creates,
To leave his mark hidden,
So as not to harm,
The perfection of the earth,
He wishes he could float,
So as not to leave footprints,

You can’t feel pain,
If you feel no joy,
The greater the joy,
The greater the pain,
My mind understands this,
He will destroy all joy,
For fear of the pain it may cause.

My mind’s design,
Has a fatal flaw,
Determined to destroy,
The beauties it can create,
And when I feel joy,
He will find a way,
To pervert it into something he can manage.

My mind’s design,
has a fatal flaw,
An open sore,
Unable to heal,
Unable to heal.


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