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A Quick Quiz on Bonding [Happy Mother’s Day]

I love game shows. Whether they are quiz shows, like Jeopardy, or a puzzle themed show, as in Wheel of Fortune, I’m glued to my television. Well, that is, if the show comes on television. My favorite quiz show is on the radio: Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! But it’s not just my favorite; I’ve also gotten my mother hooked as well.

My mother and I have similar tastes. We enjoy a lot of the same bands, although she has yet to introduce me to a band, and we like many of the same television programs, also rarely has she ever introduced me to a show. But, regardless of who has shown who what, we have enjoyed them together. When I became hooked to Wait, Wait… I knew my mother would love it as much as I did. And, after time, she also fell in love with the comical news quiz show.

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! is a news quiz game show on NPR. Each week the show features its host Peter Sagal, announcer Carl Kasell, and panel of 3 “celebrity” quests. I use celebrity loosely, because if you don’t listen to NPR you probably have never heard any of the panelists. These panelist include Mo Rocca, he’s my favorite, Adam Felber, Tom Bodett, Roxanne Roberts, Charlie Pierce, P.J. O’Rourke, Kyrie O’Conner, Amy Dickenson, Roy Blunt Jr., and Paula Poundstone, who, my mother and I agree, is our least favorite, but is still funny none-the-less. The show wraps up the week’s news with a series of quiz games; the prize: Carl Castle’s voice on your home answering machine! The show often includes outlandish stories with very funny consequences. They are famous for breaking stories that no one else seemed to care about; for example, the swan boat story, about a swan that fell in love with a swan-boat.

My mother and I loved this show, but rarely got the opportunity to listen to it together. This was the case until Mom had her knee surgery. At the beginning of 2008, my mom had a full knee replacement surgery, which left her trapped at home, unable to walk very well, and in dire need of some company. I was taking classes at IUSB, which was only 15min from home, so every Monday and Wednesday I came home for lunch. I had a break from classes between 11:15 and 2:30. On either Monday or Wednesday, every week, Mom and I would listen to Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! while we ate lunch. Each episode is only about 50min long, so we still had plenty of time to discuss our favorite parts before I had to go back to school. I’ll remember these days fondly, and look forward for many days to come. Although we are different, we’ll always have our little moments together. And when those moments happen, I’ll be happy to be there, sitting next to my mother, laughing away, together.


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