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As the hourglass turns…

So I’ve greatly enjoyed spring break.  I got the wonderful opportunity to visit my two brothers, one of which is married with 2 beautiful girls.  The poem below is about the newest of the two, only 4 weeks old now, I think.  So, while visiting my brothers I got the opportunity to visit BYU and go up into the mountains to my sis-in-law’s family cabin.  What a breath-taking view.  I got some good pictures, I’ll put those up on my photoblog, <flickr.com/photos/aworldunseen> probably by tomorrow.  Then I came back home late tues. night and proceeded to spend wed., thur., fri., and sat. with Rachel.  Fri. night she came over and I cooked Pho soup and she helped make spring rolls.  Clint, Kristen, and the Hollingsworth’s came over to enjoy the meal.  Since it was Pi day, 3.14, Clint and Kristen brought pies, including this phenomenal pear pie that was to die for.  We played games, and Alden even stopped by all the way from Chicago.  What a wonderful evening.  I’m so lucky to have the great friends I have, Kristen will only be here a few more weeks, and I will truly miss her, her exploding fist pounds, and her incredible cooking.  Not to mention her great taste in music, and excellent ability to write.  Kristen, this entry is dedicated to you.  You have an incredible spirit about you, and I know you will do well with all of your endeavors.  Thank you for being my friend.


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  1. Awww, thanks!

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