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This one is for a friend who is trying to make a tough decision. It’s very rough, but I like it.

You’ve climbed up,
Now you look below,
A clear pond awaits,
Or a rocky trail.

Jump, my friend, jump.
Feel the cool water,
Cleanse your soft skin,
Let it wash over you,
And change who you are,
And become someone more.

Remember the shield I made you,
Made of fine brass,
And blessed by a shaman.

This shield will protect you,
From the dragon’s flame.
And nothing can hurt you.

The peacemaker walked,
Down to the village square,
His golden heart in hand,
Until the dragon stole it.
And he swore he would love,
Whoever returned it to him

Then the heroine came,
After climbing the mountain,
Our heroine saw the dragon,
Her shield protected her from his flames,
And she steals his golden heart,
Before jumping into the cool clear pond below.
Where her ship waits,
To take her home.

But instead of going home,
She kept his heart,
And now holds it forever,
As he awaits its return.
The peacemaker would love her,
Even after all she’d done.
For he made a promise,
He intends to keep.

Now the peacemaker waits,
He waits for his golden heart.
He waits for his heroine to return,
But fears she may be a lost seafarer,
But he’s sent a message to the four winds,
The message says,
“I will forgive you of your trespasses,
I will forgive you of the pain you’ve caused,
Please return my golden heart,
And I will love you forever.”


One Response

  1. Whoa, this is simply amazing

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