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Money Dreams

This is fiction.  Enjoy.

“If it wasn’t for those dreams…” Jason thought.  He had been having nightmares the past couple of nights.  Now, lying in bed, he feared sleep.  Quickly, he pondered the past events.  How his girlfriend and him had their first fight, over old tendencies.  How he ruined the mood.  How now, days later, left single, for the moment, contemplating old tendencies in his bed.  This was Jason’s best relationship yet.  He knew they would get back together, but it still hurt knowing that right now, he was alone.  “If it wasn’t for those dreams…”  Jason had brought up the subject of dreams, to his girlfriend.  They discussed various oddities, and then, he brought up his nightmares.  He said he still thought about doing some of the stuff he promised he’d quit.  He said how he was worried old habits never die.  Jason used to gamble.  He lost quite a bit of money that way, and had promised never to enter the casino again.  “If it wasn’t for those dreams…” Jason had been having dreams about gambling again.  Winning large sums of money at the craps table, then suddenly the table falls through, and he is forever falling, his money by his side.  He was dangerously close to debt, and was obviously looking for a solution.  That’s when he told her.  He said he would be more careful this time.  He wouldn’t go all in.  But she disagreed.  She could see his addiction oozing from his skin.  The desire in his eyes.  She could see what would happen.  So she told him if he went again she’d leave him.  “If it wasn’t for those dreams…”  About a week later, a friend of Jason’s was going to the Four Winds Casino Buffet.  He invited Jason along.  Jason went against better judgement.  About 3 hours later, he was down $400.  When his girlfriend found out, she left him.  “If it wasn’t for those dreams…”


2 Responses

  1. Are you sure this is all “fiction” ??? Good start to what should be a good story….

  2. yes, mom, I do not have a gambling problem!

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