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Week 4 is No More

So the biggest event this week was the cancellation of Wed. Classes.  Which was a bummer in the sense that I really enjoy Wed. and was well prepared for a discussion.  Outside of school some more revelations revealed.  Mainly my ongoing struggle for understanding.  I watched a play that really effected me.  The title is Copenhagen, and was about the meeting on Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg.  The plot isn’t as important as the questions it lead me to ask.  Basically, or at least it lead me to think, that as humans we can’t observe ourselves, only the others around us.  Because our eyes are locked in our heads, we can’t see the actions we’re doing.  Obviously we can view ourselves in mirrors, but I think this leads to something deeper.  This constant confusion as to who we are can never be solved alone.  To understand our own actions, we must observe the reactions of those around us.  For example, the question “Is what I said considered funny?”  can be answered based on peoples laughter.  I guess what I’m getting at is the importance of relationships.  I had a long talk with Rachel on why she would choose me to date.  She wanted to date me, and this troubled me.  Because I don’t see myself as someone one would choose to be with.  But it was through our conversation, and our relationship, that I have a better understanding for who I am.  I now know qualities I have that would make me desirable to someone else.  I also understand who I am based on the qualities I look for in someone else.  Without this interaction I would not know the basis of my being.  Tonight I got the opportunity to learn more about some friends of mine, and by learning about them I personally feel more uplifted.  I know more about where I’m headed and going, only because of where I’ve been, and who I was with.  Relationships I’ve learned are the key.  We can only access who we are based on the people around us, and who they are.  This is what I learned this week, which I feel is far more important than anything a classroom setting could have taught me.  Thank you all for being my friends, and for allowing me to better understand who I am.  Thank you.


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  1. And thank you my son for all that you have taught me!

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