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So this is a song I wrote a long time ago. I had quite a bit written but it all got erased about a year or two ago. What follows is one of the few I had printed out. I will be putting up various old works. The “—-” means to hold the note.



All these things I’ve ever written,
All there things that I’ve done,
Were always in your name,
Were always just for. you. now.

I——-Want To——–Say——-To You——–

That you will always be the one,
That I will always remember,
That you and I could have much fun
That are souls could be one,

Why——–Can’t I———Seem——–To Find———

The words I need to say, to make you mine,
The things I need to do, Just so I can tell you,
Why can’t you know just how I feel now,
Why can’t you see this song is just for,


So now we stand here, hand in hand,
And you look at me, waiting for me,
To tell you these things I’ve,
I’ve wanted to tell you for so long,

And I——–See You———And Say——–To You——-

That all these things, I am singing,
That this song is. for. real.
I don’t mean to confuse,
You will always be my muse.



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