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Week 2 reaches it’s conclusion

Oh, so much has happened this week. First some, as one my professor puts it, housekeeping business. I got into the Intro to Film class, officially giving me 15 credit hours. Thats all the housekeeping update, now for the juicy stuff. I got a job selling Cutco knives, for Vector Marketing Group. This caused a lot of contention at home, mostly due to the fact that my mother hates salesmen. So, for various reasons, I left that job before I even really started it. Basically I couldn’t handle having a job and school, especially with the amount of hard classes I’m taking.

Now onto classes. I’m greatly excited for my feminist class. It has without a doubt become my favorite, even though there are about 20 girls and 2 guys, which makes me greatly outnumbered. I understand everything clearly, but not easily, and I find it easy to participate in class discussions. This is in part to an excellent teacher. This same professor teaches my film class, which has become more and more difficult. Regardless, I enjoy it. I like the challenge and I find everything interesting even if a bit hard to grasp. Although it has nothing on metaphysics. Metaphysics is like a rigorous workout. You feel better afterward, and yet your exhausted and everything just hurts. But I enjoy a challenge and am excelling above some of my much older peers. At least thats what my professor told me. I had a long talk with him, trying to grasp every concept and he was happy to help. Although, most of my professors already knew my name after a week. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Now Public Speaking is the class I dread the most. Spending most of my time doodling, I have found I can’t draw at all. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take notes on such concepts as Stereotyping, Critical Thinking, and various ways to not alienate your audience. That was an hour of lecture. Now onto Sociology: The Family. Well, our professor final finished the syllabus, except he doesn’t know what to do for a final. So he gave us an assignment, what would you like on your final? Thanks Professor! I can’t wait to get started on writing your work for you. But honestly, he’s a really great guy and I love spending time with him. He comes to FHE so it’s a little weird to hang out with him. But it’s not too bad, he’s still really funny, and class is a blast, it’s just the homework is intense. One of our first articles used the Simpsons as an example of a family. But then our Professor said we didn’t have to read that one, so I didn’t. Sorry Patrick.

After 2 weeks I have ruled out ever majoring in both Philosophy and Sociology. I’m really strongly considering majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film. But I’m also 18 and will mostly likely change my major so it doesn’t really matter.

In other news, I spent the weekend at Purdue visiting my girlfriend. That was wonderful and amazing. She is the greatest person I have ever met, and not to mention she is gorgeous. I’ve posted a picture of her with this post. That was from the weekend together. I mean, any girl who can convince me to shave must be pretty special. We had a nice long talk on the phone last night and I feel we are slowly becoming closer and closer. We talk online almost every night for various lengths in time. She makes me feel so good inside. I’m incredibly lucky.

So after my 2nd week, things are still going good. Unfortunately, due to MLK Day, I have a large amount of homework to do. Thank you for reading, come back anytime.

Rachel and I


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