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The first week of class has ended.

Since I have no classes on Fridays, my first week has ended.  I love classes.  Switching from my initial plan of 6 credit hours to a whopping 15, I am ready to rock.  Everyday I feel so much better getting the opportunity to learn.  I’m currently taking 4 classes, and am wait listed for another: Metaphysics in physical nature (without a doubt my most difficult class), Writing in context:Women in film and media(feminist class), Intro to film (wait listed), Public Speaking (I had to take one boring class), and Sociology: The Family (my friend teaches it so I know its going to be fun).  I find myself excited for Monday, curious to see what people say in class, or for the answers to my own personal questions.  Things are going pretty well for me right now.

P.S.  I finally shaved my beard.  Just an afterthought.


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  1. It’s always nice when you enjoy the classes you are taking…YAY!!! P.S. your shave looks GREAT! 🙂

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